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5 Easy Tips to Avoid the Struggle of Winter Weight Gain

5 Easy Tips to Avoid the Struggle of Winter Weight Gain


Let me begin by saying ‘no one’ is immune to this wrestle – together with me.  We all have labored onerous over the summer time after which abruptly we hit a crave time hell of heat meals, luscious desserts, over-eating and extra indulgence’s than our our bodies require.

Never worry I’ve a 5 b.recommendations on how to prevent from the Winter physique blow out.



  1. Portion Sizes

The key to sustaining our greatest physique is to eat the right amount of meals for power consumption vs power output.

Our greatest measuring software is our two palms in a fist – that is an approximate to our precise abdomen measurement (for all ages – infants and youngsters inclusive). Our physique responds greatest to consuming this sized meal; 6 occasions a day to keep excessive power which leads to a secure metabolism.

Avoid buffet fashion consuming; eg. particularly at dinnertime somewhat than putting monumental quantities of meals on the desk in bowls and so forth –  plate up the actual quantity and put the relaxation apart.

b.fact: I personally put all extras away in meal sized containers instantly – not solely does it assist as they’re prepared for anytime however it additionally helps me to keep away from the pre decide at meals and publish decide at meals.


  1. Drink Warm Water

During the winter it’s evident that we’re chilly and we try to heat up with meals and different engaging delights – which can embrace additional coffees/ heat desserts or additional meals.

Rather have a mug of heat water as you eat; not solely is it hydrating however it helps to remind your physique that you’re heat and it tips your thoughts into believing your are consuming and satisfying these craves with water.

b.fact: I’ll have a heat mug of water and a chilly glass of water in any respect meal occasions with my meal. It really retrains your mind and reduces the over-eating want.


  1. Don’t Snack While Cooking

One to the commonest Mum issues to do is snack and decide whereas cooking. For instance: We will take a chew of the carrot; final piece of grated cheese or eat some rice crackers the youngsters leftover or another factor that could be wasted meals.

Stop your self this isn’t dinner but. Ensure you’ve gotten had a day snack this isn’t half of your supper time and your physique wants it full consumption in solely 15 minutes. Remind your thoughts that it may wait.


  1. Sugar consumption

The hidden sugar consumption of protein balls and dried fruit sort snacks. I really like protein balls as you’re conscious and I make them typically. However, protein or any health balls are made on dried fruit, dates, apricots, strawberries and so on are absolutely loaded with sugar and rather a lot. They are definitely a wholesome snack choices however remember of your sugar consumption with these options.

b.fact: somewhat snack on: almonds, two rice desserts with banana and peanut butter – it’s satisfying and in addition accommodates much less sugar than dried fruits.


  1. Speed up the coaching

Winter climate makes us really feel drained and torpid and we have a tendency to discover extra excuses why we will’t practice.

Set your self 45 minutes and that’s it. Either go to a health club or placed on loud music at house. You want no extra time than this to full a velocity circuit session that may burn and reinvigorate drained muscular tissues.

It will make sure you keep aligned throughout the winter by serving to to alleviate these tense physique positions. Finish with a steamy bathe to launch all physique rigidity and your pores and skin and muscle tissue will really feel energized and brilliant.


b.fact: I wrestle in winter additionally discovering time when it’s darker earlier additionally tough. I’ll go to the fitness center as the lights are shiny and music is motivating plus different individuals are there in the similar thoughts set. I set myself solely 45 minutes to full the b.bodyboost workout. It takes away the stress from the day and releases my tense neck and shoulder muscle tissue from being chilly all day. I’ll stretch in the steam room and this helps my pores to open and pores and skin to turn into refreshed.


Health and Happiness all the time,


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