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Five tips for treating bacterial vaginosis at home

Bacterial vaginosis is the most typical vaginal an infection. What methods can women deal with this situation at home?

As many as 1 in four women within the United States have bacterial vaginosis (BV). Many haven’t any signs, and a few mistake their signs for one other an infection, reminiscent of a yeast an infection.

The commonest symptom of BV is a foul-smelling, fishy odor coming from the vagina. Some women additionally expertise itching, burning, or an uncommon grey discharge.

Antibiotics can deal with most instances of BV. Some women favor to attempt home cures first, whereas others discover that BV continues to recur after a number of rounds of antibiotics.

This article explores some home cures for bacterial vaginosis. These might assist to:

  • battle BV
  • scale back its severity
  • cease it returning

1. Know when to see a physician

[young health care professional listening to a patient]
A physician must be consulted if the signs of BV are accompanied by itching, burning, or ache.

The vagina is home to a posh colony of organisms that keep vaginal health and its chemical pH. When vaginal pH or micro organism change, the vagina is extra weak to infections, together with BV.

A BV an infection means that one thing has upset the stability of the vaginal chemistry. Addressing this underlying trigger will help deal with it and scale back the danger of it returning.

BV not often causes critical signs, so most women who need to attempt home cures for bacterial vaginosis can safely achieve this. In some situations, although, signs of BV warrant instant medical remedy.

Women who suspect they’ve BV ought to see a physician if:

  • They are pregnant: BV is linked to preterm labor, miscarriage, low start weight, and different being pregnant problems. Prompt remedy can scale back the danger. Moreover, some home cures for BV, akin to using important oils, is probably not protected for pregnant women.
  • There are different signs: A burning sensation throughout urination, intense ache, blood discharge, or comparable signs might recommend one thing aside from BV.
  • They develop a fever: This additionally factors to a different an infection.
  • They expertise intense burning or itching.
  • Home cures have failed: Some different infections can mimic BV. Untreated, these infections can get a lot worse.
  • They are not sure whether or not the issue is BV: Women with a historical past of recurring yeast infections, for instance, ought to see a physician earlier than starting home remedy. Some corporations now promote over-the-counter vaginal exams, which can be an choice for women not sure of the reason for their signs.

In most instances, a physician can simply diagnose BV. A brief course of antibiotics ought to clear up the an infection. These antibiotics not often produce vital unwanted side effects.

2. Know how intercourse may cause bacterial vaginosis

BV can unfold between sexual companions. So, a lady who thinks she has BV ought to abstain from intercourse, or apply safer intercourse with a condom, till the an infection is gone.

Sexual practices that disrupt the pure stability of micro organism within the vagina may set off an outbreak of BV. Strategies that decrease the danger embrace:

  • Never transition from anal to vaginal intercourse: This can switch fecal materials to the vagina, inflicting BV. Change condoms earlier than going from anal to vaginal intercourse, and by no means place something within the vagina that has been within the anus with out washing with cleaning soap and heat water.
  • Using a condom throughout sexual activity: When semen mixes with vaginal fluids, it may make the odor of an present BV an infection worse.
  • Urinating instantly after intercourse: After urinating, rinse the vagina and vulva with clear water. In some women, sexual fluids and lubricants change the fragile pH stability of the vagina, making them extra weak to a BV an infection.

three. Use protected hygiene practices

[drawer full of breathable cotton underwear]
Wearing breathable cotton underwear will assist keep good vaginal hygiene.

Because BV may cause a foul-smelling odor, many women mistakenly consider it is because of poor hygiene. This is a fable.

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ that doesn’t require douches, soaps, or perfumes. In reality, using these merchandise can alter vaginal pH. This will increase vulnerability to BV and should produce a foul-smelling odor in itself.

To scale back the danger and keep away from exacerbating an present an infection:

  • Avoid utilizing any scented merchandise on the vagina, together with scented tampons or soaps.
  • Do not douche, as this alters vaginal chemistry and may use scented merchandise which will trigger irritation.
  • Wash the vagina with water solely and by no means insert cleaning soap into the vagina. It is often protected to make use of unscented cleaning soap on the vulva.
  • Wear breathable cotton underwear.
  • Wipe from entrance to again, as it will keep away from sweeping fecal matter into the vagina. Never use objects which were within the anus, comparable to intercourse toys, within the vagina.
  • Keep the vaginal space dry. Avoid sitting in moist swimwear or underwear, and gently pat the vagina dry after a bathe.
  • Wash palms earlier than touching the vagina, particularly if inserting objects, corresponding to tampons or menstrual cups.

four. Try a probiotic

Probiotics assist the physique develop useful micro organism. These can struggle unhealthy micro organism and fungi, akin to yeast.

Natural probiotics can help the bacterial colony that retains the vagina wholesome. These embrace:

  • yogurt
  • fermented meals
  • some cottage cheeses

A probiotic complement can also assist. Women experiencing ache related to BV can attempt cooling probiotic tampons.

To do that, women can attempt freezing unflavored plain yogurt in a tampon applicator, then inserting it into the vagina. The cooling sensation briefly alleviates ache, and the probiotic might struggle the underlying an infection.

5. Try an alternate treatment

Increasingly, researchers are taking critically the facility of folks drugs to battle BV. An individual might need to think about one of many following methods:

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar might assist stability vaginal pH. Rinsing the vulva in an answer of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water twice per day might alleviate signs.

Honey, which has pure antimicrobial properties, might increase the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar.


[garlic cloves]
Eating garlic can scale back the danger of BV as a result of it may possibly act as a pure antibacterial.

Some analysis means that garlic is a pure antibacterial. Adding it to the weight-reduction plan or taking a garlic complement can scale back the danger of BV.

However, it is crucial that it is just eaten. People shouldn’t insert garlic into the vagina, as it is going to burn the tender pores and skin.

Tea tree oil

A restricted physique of analysis means that software of tea tree oil may deal with signs of BV. It can also assist another infections, akin to yeast.

People may be allergic to tea tree oil. To check for a response, rub somewhat on the forearm. If there isn’t any response in 24-48 hours, it might be helpful. However, the oil can burn. Importantly, individuals ought to keep in mind that it isn’t protected for pregnant women. Women contemplating tea tree oil remedies ought to seek the advice of a physician first.

Boric acid

Research means that boric acid can struggle BV, notably in women who’ve recurring infections.

In one 2009 analysis, researchers supplemented antibiotic remedy with 600 mg of boric acid inserted immediately into the vagina. Women who used boric acid had larger remedy charges than those that didn’t. The research cautions, nevertheless, that additional analysis is required to validate this as a home treatment for BV.

Pregnant women shouldn’t use home cures and should search recommendation from their physician if contemplating any.

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