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Is it good to use cloth pads made with old saris or towels?

Sanitary napkins are highly regarded with women in India. Although tampons and menstrual cups (the brand new ages ones) aren’t that generally used, cloth pads are fairly rampantly utilized in villages and distant areas. However, the cloth pads are made at residence from old saris, towels, napkins or bedsheets, which completely fits the necessity and in addition doesn’t burn a gap within the pocket. Moreover, cloth pads are eco-friendly in nature. Here are 10 generally requested questions on durations answered.

Are cloth pads good for health?

One of the widespread the reason why most women have changed cloth pads with sanitary napkins is the consolation and the truth that sanitary pads are fairly protected. No marvel about it however that doesn’t imply cloth pads usually are not good both. According to Dr Uma Vaidyanathan, Consultant Gynaecologist and Unit Head at Max Hospital, New Delhi, ‘There are no health implications of using cloth pads with old saris, towels, napkins, etc. However, one has to make sure to it is cleaned and washed properly. Also, as the absorbing capacity of cloth pads is comparatively less than sanitary napkins, you have to change it more frequently although it does depend on the flow.’ Also examine sanitary napkins vs tampons, menstrual cups, cloth pads and interval panties.

Although there isn’t any strict rule on what sort of fabric ought to one use as a cloth pad, it is preferable to use cotton cloth pads as it permits the vagina to breathe. Moreover, the absorption capability of a cotton materials is larger than different varieties of supplies like polyester. Also, keep away from utilizing very old cloth as it can lead to allergic response.

One of the disadvantages of utilizing cloth pads is that it turns into moist simply and therefore, not appropriate for use throughout nights. Also, if you don’t change the pads after getting moist, it not solely stinks but in addition will increase the danger of infections due to the moist environment within the vaginal space. However, you possibly can decrease the danger by strictly following correct hygiene and sanitation throughout menstruation. Also, ensure you wash the cloth pads with cleaning soap/detergent and water and permit it to dry naturally. Here are 10 menstrual hygiene ideas each woman and lady ought to know

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