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Lesbian And Bisexual Women Told They Don’t Need Cervical Screenings

The National LGB&T Partnership has warned that lesbian and bisexual women are having their health put in jeopardy after being given false details about cervical screening exams. It’s just lately been delivered to consideration that many women who interact in intercourse with different women are being refused entry to smear checks, regardless of the very fact they could require them medically.

Historically, it’s been assumed by medical professionals that – as a result of cervical most cancers happens because of human papilloma viruses (HPV) which are typically transmitted sexually – women who haven’t had intercourse, in addition to lesbians or bisexual women sleeping solely with women, aren’t liable to the most cancers. Therefore, the cervical screening checks weren’t open to them.

However, analysis commissioned by the NHS Cervical Screening Programmes together with De Montfort University in Leicester has revealed that whereas lesbian, homosexual and bisexual women could be at decrease danger of cervical most cancers, they’re not at no danger. Which means they too ought to be screened.




The likelihood is, many women who interact in intercourse with different women could have additionally had intercourse with males earlier than, which means there could possibly be an opportunity they have already got HPV, and are subsequently at simply as a lot danger of creating cervical most cancers as women in heterosexual relationships.

But lesbian and bisexual women are nonetheless being informed by ill-informed medical professionals that they don’t want smear exams. In reality, analysis carried out between 2010 and 2013 by the LGBT Foundation in affiliation with the University of Salford and the NHS National Cancer Screening Programmes revealed that 51% of LGB women of an eligible age had both by no means had a check, or not had one inside the beneficial NHS timescales.

That’s a reasonably clear indication of the inequality of entry to screening that lesbian and bisexual teams expertise, proper?




The analysis talked about above additionally found that 36% of the hundreds of LGB women included within the research had been misinformed and advised they didn’t require a check as a consequence of their sexual orientation.

One lady, Rosie, spoke to the LGBT Foundation about her expertise of making an attempt to get a cervical smear check, and it feels like a wrestle at greatest.

“I came out as a woman loving women later in life, after a traditional marriage and two sons, so in my late thirties I began to experience medical services as a lesbian,” stated Rosie.

“Sadly I found a great number of medical staff were not sensitive, or aware, of how to communicate to LGB or T patients, and often I experienced brusque, rude, or brutal interactions.”

She continued:

“Once I used to be with my (now spouse) companion, I used to be advised on multiple event that I didn’t want a smear as a result of I used to be lesbian. This misinformation continues to be on the market and lots of younger lesbians are informed they don’t want cervical smears as they don’t sleep with males. Some lesbians/homosexual women do sleep with males and with delicate questions or an open strategy by medical employees, lives could possibly be saved.

“That sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Lives are also at risk if women feel unheard or if there is a lack of empathy and respect and regard for them as people,” says Rosie. “I certainly have had a great number of medical encounters which have been upsetting or embarrassing.”




As properly as lesbian and bisexual women, The LGBT Foundation’s Claudia Carvell factors out that there’s additionally plenty of ignorance about trans points in relation to cervical screening.

“Some trans men and non-binary people will have cervixes, but they won’t be on the national recall for screening if they are registered as male and some trans women will have cervixes but won’t be on the recall if they are registered as male,” she says.

“Fundamentally, we just need better access to accurate and inclusive information that acknowledges the different needs of all people with cervixes who will need to take up cervical screening.”

This week is the primary ever National Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Health Week run by the National LGB&T Partnership. For extra info click on right here, and be a part of the dialog at #LBWomensHealth17


Words: Cat Harvey-Jenner


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