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Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist

How can I inform if I’ve a vaginal an infection?

anucha-maneechote/Shutterstock“Discharge that is green, dark yellow, or brown and has a foul odor is most often a sign of an infection and should be reported to your gynecologist,” explains Sheeva Talebian, MD, OB/GYN at CCRM New York and co-founder of Truly-MD. “Most infections are related to sexual intercourse but not always. They can also be caused by a tampon that has been left in too long, a cervical lesion, or poor hygiene. Any change that is not pleasant (in terms of pain, foul smell, color, or consistency) should be checked out!” Dr. Talebian says.

Sometimes I bleed after intercourse. Is this regular?

Kamil-Macniak/Shutterstock“Bleeding after sex can be normal but should not be ignored,” advises Dr. Talebian says. “If you notice this once, there’s no need to panic and call the emergency line of your OB/GYN, but if you do notice this is happening consistently, you should go in for an exam. Bleeding can simply be from a ‘sensitive cervix’ (one with exposed blood vessels) but it can also be from a cervical or vaginal lesion, something that needs to be tested and rarely can be cancer. Bleeding during intercourse can also come from the endometrial cavity (like menstrual blood). While most causes of bleeding during and after sex are benign, they should not be ignored,” Dr. Talebian explains. Ready to get private? Check out these different intercourse questions you may want to ask your OB/GYN.

I “forgot” to use safety. What ought to I do?

Alina-Bogdanovich/Shutterstock“You should use emergency contraception if you don’t want to get pregnant,” Dr. Talebian says. “You should also go in to see your gynecologist a few weeks after the episode to do STD testing. Immediate testing (as in the next day) will often be negative. Unfortunately, there are no remedies to erase the event. I would not recommend douching or any sort of self-cleansing because this could aggravate the tissue and increase chances of infection.”

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What age is just too younger for menopause?

Anucha-Ko/Shutterstock“There really is no age too early for menopause,” says Mache Seibel, MD, OB/GYN, Harvard Medical School school member, and writer. “About 5 to 10 percent of women enter menopause before age 46. And the symptoms begin up to ten years before that. If you have symptoms such as foggy brain, lack of energy or hot flashes, feel too tired, or have heart palpitations or low libido, it could be menopause or premenopause,” he says. Never heard of the time period ‘premenopause’ prior to now? If not, be looking out for these very important warning indicators.

When is it OK to cease utilizing condoms with a companion?

zeljkodan“If you will have been with a constant companion, you’re each monogamous, and you’ve got transitioned to hormonal contraception or an IUD, then it’s OK to cease utilizing condoms after you have each been examined for STDs,” Dr. Talebian says.

Does estrogen trigger breast most cancers?

hin255/Shutterstock“There has been a lot of confusion about this question,” Dr. Mache says. “The reality is, a big research referred to as the Women’s Health Initiative (or WHI) prompt incorrectly that it does. But when the identical knowledge was reevaluated a decade later and the sufferers matched by age, it was discovered that estrogen is useful in most sufferers and protected to take. In reality, for women with no uterus and who require estrogen solely (with no progestin), the danger of most cancers was truly 23 % lower than placebo and the danger of coronary heart illness was 32 % decrease. The secret is the Estrogen Window, which is the identify of my e-book and means that there’s a window of alternative by which estrogen might be taken safely. The greatest age is 50 to 59. If menopause begins earlier, then start it at the moment. The dangers improve as women start estrogen over the age of 60 to 65,” Dr. Mache explains. When it comes to breast most cancers remedy, there’s quite a bit your physician needs you knew.

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Is it true that I’d miscarry if I get pregnant shortly after quitting my contraception?

Gajus/Shutterstock“There is a myth that you should not get pregnant right after stopping birth control because miscarriage risk is higher,” Dr. Talebian says. “This is incorrect. If you stop birth control with plans to conceive, you can try immediately. If you do not get a period and have a negative pregnancy test after about eight weeks off the pill, you should speak with your doctor. This may be a sign that you are not ovulating.”

Is it okay to have such frequent discharge?

Africa-Studio/Shutterstock“Discharge is normal in women! This is why we wear underwear and why ‘panty-liners’ are needed. Discharge changes in quantity and consistency during the menstrual cycle based on your hormones. Normal discharge is often clear to white, and sometimes a faint yellow,” Dr. Talebian says.

I am nonetheless having durations in my late forties. Do I nonetheless want contraception?

Dubova/Shutterstock“Absolutely,” says Dr. Mache. “Every year I see a patient who is in her late 40s or older who is surprised by an unexpected pregnancy. If you still have periods, you still need birth control.” Find out 13 extra issues your vagina needs you knew.

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