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Therapist focuses on treating women health | Sponsored

Women have distinctive health care wants, ones that have to be handled with understanding and compassion. That is why Elizabeth Daniel has devoted her skilled life to the trigger.

She has a ardour for serving to women reside their greatest lives and helps them do exactly that on a regular basis at Advanced Rehabilitation on St. Simons Island. Daniel, who has labored as a bodily therapist for 37 years, has devoted the previous six to treating female points, sometimes linked to incontinence or pelvic flooring issues.

“I did a special certification with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). I became really interested in this when I had several friends who were having problems with things like that,” she stated.

There is usually a myriad of points on this area. And since Women’s Health week is on the horizon, Daniel is hoping to shine a light-weight on the commonality of those illnesses. The week, which spans from May 14 to 20, is designed to focus on quite a few areas inside the sphere of women’s health.

And Daniel is happy to share her experience, particularly in a realm many are hesitant to speak about.

“It has been one of those ‘elephant in the room’ type of scenarios … where you really don’t talk about it,” she stated.

“That makes it unlike other issues that we treat. If you hurt your hand, for example, you’ll go see someone about that. But you’re less likely to go see someone about this. Women are embarrassed about it.”

Daniel’s message is straightforward — there isn’t any cause to endure and positively no purpose to be embarrassed. Pelvic points are quite common and may often be handled with optimum outcomes. For Daniel, it’s her mission to carry the veil and take away the component of taboo from the topic.

“One in three women will develop some form of pelvic floor dysfunction. Males have it too and so do children,” she stated. “I recently did a men’s course. They can suffer from the similar issues when their prostate gland increases in size.”

For women, the problems can come up from surgical procedure or pelvic prolapse and may show debilitating. Many women are pressured to put on sanitary pads or make frequent journeys to the restroom once they enterprise out. And because of the unpredictable nature of the situation, many individuals refuse to even depart their houses. The ache may also be crippling inflicting many to severely influence their life.

“People become almost home bound in some cases they cannot leave their homes. They want to be able to go out to the store and live a normal life,” she stated.

“The ones who do go out — they know where all the bathrooms are. So while they are here, I try to educate them about how to protect the pelvic floor. We also talk about relaxation and exercise. We also talk about diets, there are things that you eat and drink that can irritate your bladder.”

Daniel is aware of how one can fight all of these issues, opting to deal with pelvic ache and incontinence by way of a holistic, full-body strategy.

“There is a bowl of muscles at the bottom of the pelvis and it supports everything all day long. And these muscles are just like every other muscle in the body, they can get damaged or tired. They can have spasms. It is about strengthening this area,” she stated. “That is one thing that we work on. I teach them how to do Kegel exercises, which is contracting those muscles,” she stated.

Daniel spends a in depth time outlining and educating particular workouts to strengthen these muscle tissue. In addition, she discusses hormonal modifications, in addition to weight loss plan, stress ranges and way of life modifications that might be useful. She will even check out a affected person’s posture to make it possible for just isn’t proving detrimental.

As with all issues, progress typically relies upon on how a lot work and energy is put in by a affected person. But Daniel notes that constructive modifications can come pretty shortly.

“In all areas of PT, you have exercises that you must do. You can’t come in, do one exercise and get well. But in many cases, if you do your exercises, you can see real results soon. And when I see patients, a lot of them are desperate. They will do anything to get out of the pain,” she stated.

“So most of them do very well and do what they are supposed to do. Others it might take a little longer. But you can see a big difference very quickly. Some people even see near immediate results.”

For her half, Daniel is actually completely satisfied to be gaining extra publicity and serving to extra individuals. In reality, lots of her sufferers had no concept it was an choice till they heard about her via different sufferers.

“It is really an evolving area of physical therapy. I believe I am really the only one in the area that specializes in this. There are clinics in Atlanta or Orlando but not here,” she stated. “When people find me, they always say ‘I had no idea you were here.’”

But as soon as they do are available and obtain remedy, Daniel is all the time moved by how grateful they’re for the assistance. For many, she notes, it provides them a completely new lease on life.

“It is really rewarding. They are so appreciative … it is a great feeling,” she stated.

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