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This Is The Best Yoga Sequence For When You’re Feeling Bloated

Image: C/O Claire Grieve

Whether it’s from a meals intolerance or that point of the month, almost everybody has handled the dreaded stomach bloat. When that uncomfortable feeling strikes, it’s tempting to dive beneath your doona with a packet of Tim Tams and conceal out till it passes. This, in fact, often leaves you feeling a lot worse!


Next time you’re battling the bloat, why not attempt a couple of mild yoga poses as an alternative? Practicing yoga is sort of a therapeutic massage for the physique, compressing the interior organs and growing circulation, which works to removes toxins that may contribute to bloating.

We requested considered one of our favorite yogis, Claire Grieve, to share her favorite de-bloating yoga sequence.

Bloated? Try this fast and calming yoga sequence

Sequence 1


  1. Mountain Pose: Stand tall together with your ft collectively, weight is evenly balanced. Lengthen your backbone, soften your physique. Place your arms at coronary heart middle.
  2. Standing Forward Bend: Exhale, bend ahead from the hip joints, lengthen the entrance torso and draw the stomach in.
  3. Chair Pose: Inhale, increase your arms parallel above your head, palms face one another. Exhale, bend your knees and sit again, weight is in your heels.

Sequence 2


  1. Downward Facing Dog: Hands shoulder width aside, ft hip-width aside, raise your hips up and again, press heels down.
  2. Up Dog: Lay face down, arms beneath your shoulders subsequent to decrease ribs. Inhale, press into the palms and straighten arms lifting the torso and tops of the thighs off the ground. Relax shoulders away out of your ears.
  3. Bow Pose: Bend your knees, attain in your ankles. As you inhale increase chest and carry hips up off the ground. Press shoulder blades towards the again to open your coronary heart.

Sequence three


  1. Bound Angle Pose: Seated in your mat, press the soles of your ft collectively and let your knees drop open.
  2. Wide-Legged Forward Bend: Stand in mountain pose, step your ft parallel and large aside. Exhale, bend ahead from the hip joints, place the arms on the bottom bending the elbows. Press the thighs again, hold the entrance torso lengthy and loosen up your head.
  3. Revolved Triangle Pose: Step ft three to four ft aside, proper foot in entrance, hips and torso ahead, place left hand on the surface of your proper foot. Twist from stomach reaching proper arm up in the direction of the ceiling, gaze follows. Inhale, lengthen the backbone. Exhale, twist. Repeat on reverse aspect.

Sequence four


  1. Warrior II Pose: Step ft extensive aside heels align, flip your proper foot 90 levels toes level to prime of mat bending your knee, left foot pivots inwards 45 levels protecting the leg straight. Raise arms to shoulder peak, parallel to the ground. Repeat on reverse aspect.
  2. Revolved Triangle pose (repeated) OR Camel Pose: Kneel on the ground together with your legs hip-width distance. Engage your decrease stomach, carry your rib cage and attain your palms again to your heels. Gently decrease the top, neck, and gaze in the direction of the nostril. OR Childs Pose: Sit again in your heels, knees hip width aside, sink your torso down and attain your arms in entrance, urgent your brow into the ground. OR Plow Pose: Lay flat in your again. Inhale, interact your core in elevating your legs up in the direction of the ceiling. Exhale, bend on the hip joints slowly decreasing your toes above and past your head, help your decrease again together with your arms. Align your hips over shoulders, create area between chin and chest.
  3. Half Lord of the Fishes: Sit together with your legs stretched out in entrance. Cross proper leg over left, sole of your foot outdoors left outer hip. Place proper arm behind you, attain up with the left bend and hook elbow over the appropriate knee. Inhale, sit tall lengthen the backbone. Exhale, twist deeper. Repeat reverse aspect.

Sequence 5debloat-series-5

  1. Knees to chest: Lie in your again, hug each knees up and into your chest.
  2. Cat: Start in desk prime. Shoulders stacked over the elbows and wrists, hips in keeping with the knees. Exhale as you spherical your backbone to the ceiling, releasing your head to the ground.
  3. Cow: Inhale let your stomach sink to the ground, chest towards the ceiling and raise your head to look ahead.

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