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Vaginal pimples: Causes, remedy, and prevention - Women's Health
Monday , January 22 2018
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Vaginal pimples: Causes, remedy, and prevention

Pimples across the feminine genital space are a standard situation brought on by quite a lot of elements. These bumps could also be uncomfortable and irritating, however they don’t seem to be critical generally.

Vaginal pimples are comparable in look to pimples that happen in different areas of the physique. They can have totally different traits. For instance, they could be painful or painless, burning, flesh-colored or purple, pus-filled, in clusters or alone, itchy, or numerous sizes.

This article covers the widespread causes of vaginal pimples, their remedy, and strategies to stop future prevalence.

Causes of vaginal pimples

Vaginal pimples are just like different pimples discovered on the physique and the causes might range.

It shouldn’t be all the time clear what causes vaginal pimples. However, a few of the extra widespread causes embrace:

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a kind of eczema brought on by pores and skin contact with an allergen or an irritant. Many instances of vaginal pimples are contact dermatitis within the genital space.

Common irritants and allergens contributing to vaginal pimples embrace:

  • douches
  • female hygiene merchandise, resembling lotions, powders, and deodorants
  • fragranced soaps and bathe washes
  • laundry detergents
  • medicated lotions or gels
  • private lubricants, spermicides, or condoms
  • perspiration
  • sanitary pads or tampons, particularly scented
  • semen
  • urine


Another quite common explanation for vaginal pimples is folliculitis, which is an an infection and irritation of the hair follicles.

A follicle is a small pores and skin cavity from which hair grows, every hair on the physique rising out of its personal follicle.

Folliculitis may result from:

  • shaving
  • ingrown hairs
  • sporting tight clothes, or clothes that rubs off the pores and skin
  • follicles that turn into blocked or irritated by sweat or private merchandise
  • utilizing an unclean scorching tub or swimming pool
  • an contaminated reduce or wound, maybe from shaving, which lets micro organism unfold to close by hair follicles

Acne inversa

Also referred to as hidradenitis suppurativa, pimples inversa is a continual inflammatory pores and skin illness that impacts the sweat glands within the groin and beneath the breasts.

Acne inversa is characterised by recurrent spots and sores that include pus. These don’t heal simply and can depart scars.

According to the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Foundation, this illness impacts as much as four % of the inhabitants.

Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a viral an infection characterised by lesions that may happen anyplace on the physique, together with the vaginal space.

The growths, referred to as Mollusca, are often small, raised, and white or flesh-colored. They could be pearly in look and have a dimple at their middle.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise that this situation often clears up inside 6-12 months, however can take as much as four years.


woman shopping for products
If the reason for the irritation is decided to be a product then it must be faraway from use and modified.

Vaginal pimples can typically clear up on their very own. If not, remedy choices embrace:

Determining the trigger

The first step to deciding the right remedy is to uncover the reason for the pimples.

Keep a observe of the prevalence of vaginal pimples and any merchandise, actions, or different elements which can have an effect on the genital space, together with shaving and scorching tub utilization.

It may also be useful to keep away from all merchandise which might be in touch with the genital space, together with laundry detergents, for a time period. Once signs subside, slowly reintroduce these merchandise, separately, and observe any antagonistic reactions skilled.

Remove irritants

Once the reason for the irritation or an infection has been recognized, cease utilizing the product or partaking within the exercise.

For instance, if that is shaving, scale back irritation through the use of a brand new blade and shaving within the path of the hair progress. Never dry shave.

It is essential to maintain scorching tubs clear, and solely use correctly handled swimming pools and to bathe afterward. Also, keep away from utilizing oils on the pores and skin as these can lure micro organism within the follicles.

Maintain good hygiene

The heat and moisture within the genital space make it a great location for micro organism and different microorganisms to thrive.

Wash the world day by day with heat water and delicate, unperfumed cleaning soap. Avoid utilizing harsh cleansing merchandise contained in the vagina, as these can have an effect on the pH stability, which may result in an infection.

Choose cotton underwear and keep away from materials that lure warmth and moisture. Opt for unfastened, snug clothes that permits the pores and skin to breathe, and all the time change clothes after understanding.

Regularly change tampons or sanitary towels throughout menstruation.

Avoid squeezing vaginal pimples

Squeezing or popping vaginal pimples may cause additional ache and irritation. The danger of spreading micro organism and inflicting an infection will increase, and the pimples might develop in quantity and severity. Wait for a pimple to rupture naturally or search medical remedy.

Heat remedy

To tackle itching and ache, attempt treating the world with a heat compress.

Simply soak a small towel in heat water and squeeze out earlier than putting on the pores and skin. This remedy could be repeated a number of occasions day by day.

Always dry the world completely earlier than dressing to inhibit bacterial progress.


Speak with a physician about treatment for vaginal pimples.

If contact dermatitis is the basis trigger, topical drugs or antihistamines could also be really helpful. Infections could be handled with topical or oral antibiotics.

Early analysis and remedy are suggested for pimples inversa to maintain signs beneath management. While Molluscum contagiosum typically clears up with out remedy, medicine could also be prescribed for persistent instances.

Other causes of vaginal bumps

couples feet at end of bed
Vaginal bumps could also be brought on by sexually transmitted infections corresponding to genital warts and genital herpes.

There are a number of different circumstances and elements which may result in bumps just like vaginal pimples. These embrace:

Bartholin’s cysts

Bartholin’s glands are situated on all sides of the vagina. Sometimes these can turn out to be blocked, resulting in the formation of cysts.

These cysts are often painless and don’t require remedy. However, if contaminated, they turn out to be infected and pus-filled and ought to be handled with medical interventions, comparable to antibiotics. If cysts are reoccurring, speak to a physician about residence cures.

Skin tags

Skin tags are small growths or flaps of extra tissue on the pores and skin. While not harmful, some individuals might want to have them eliminated for beauty causes or as a result of they trigger irritation.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Two widespread sexually transmitted infections may cause bumps across the vagina. These are genital warts and genital herpes:

  • Genital warts: Small, flesh-colored lumps, these might have a cauliflower-like look. They are extra widespread amongst women and are brought on by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Treatment just isn’t crucial if they don’t seem to be uncomfortable. However, drugs or surgical procedure can cope with outbreaks, though additional outbreaks might happen as there isn’t any strategy to remove the virus from the physique. A lady can contemplate HPV vaccine earlier than being sexually lively to assist forestall genital warts.

  • Genital herpes: Caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV), genital herpes can result in spots that are painful or itchy. As the virus can lie dormant within the physique, genital herpes could be contagious even when there are not any seen spots or sores. Similarly to genital warts, the virus can’t be faraway from the physique as soon as current. However, medicine can scale back signs, flare-ups, and decrease the danger of passing the virus to sexual companions. Using condoms can scale back the prospect of getting genital herpes from a companion.

Vaginal varicosites

These are bumps, often blue in shade, that may happen as women age. They seem across the vulva and the vagina. They are swollen veins, a lot as hemorrhoids are across the anus, and they could be tender or bleed. Cool compresses can scale back the discomfort.

A lady ought to speak to her physician about remedy, if that is wanted, or surgical or laser removing, if embarrassment is an element. The bumps might go away on their very own, as properly.

When to see a physician

An individual ought to search medical recommendation and remedy, if the reason for the vaginal pimples is unknown, in the event that they persist, or they worsen. Pimples which are very painful, giant, or pus-filled might be drained by a physician.

Most instances of vaginal pimples will clear up on their very own or with self-administered remedy. Making way of life modifications and alterations to non-public hygiene routines might forestall future outbreaks.

If not sure, seek the advice of a physician who can advise on prognosis and obtainable remedies.


Preventing vaginal pimples might be achieved by adopting some widespread practices, together with:

  • avoiding or decreasing contact with irritants
  • treating any medical circumstances that result in pimples
  • sporting cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothes
  • working towards good private hygiene
  • not touching or squeezing present pimples

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