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Voynich Manuscript “solution” rubbished by experts / Boing Boing

Last week’s answer to the ages-old thriller of the Voynich Manuscript was provided within the Times Literary Supplement by TV historical past researcher Nicholas Gibbs, who claimed that his distinctive background in a number of fields meant that he might pierce the thriller the place so many others had failed.

Gibbs claimed that the manuscript was an anthology cribbed from different manuscripts, some obscure, others fashionable, and that the mysterious script was an idiosyncratic model of an in any other case well-known system of Latin abbreviations. Based on this, Gibbs concluded that the Manuscript was a medical guide on women’s health, compiled by a workforce, probably for the good thing about a single wealthy commissioner.

Lisa Fagin Davis, director of the Medieval Academy of America says that the Latin rationalization does not maintain collectively, and that the “translated” strains provided by Gibbs do not make any grammatical sense. She added that the experts at Yale’s Beinecke Library (the place the manuscript is stored) “would have rebutted [Gibbs’ theories] in a heartbeat.”

Meanwhile, the half about this being a women’s health guide was already a extensively mentioned principle in Voynich scholarship.

Gibbs stated within the TLS article that he did his analysis for an unnamed “television network.” Given that Gibbs’ major declare to fame earlier than this text was a collection of books about the best way to write and promote tv screenplays, plainly his objective on this analysis was in all probability to promote a tv screenplay of his personal. In 2015, Gibbs did an interview the place he stated that in 5 years, “I would like to think I could have a returnable series up and running.” Considering the doubtful accuracy of many History Channel “documentaries,” he may simply get his want.

So a lot for that Voynich manuscript “solution”
[Annalee Newitz/Ars Technica]

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