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What to expect when you start OCPs (oral contraceptive tablets)?

If you ask anybody about one of the simplest ways to forestall being pregnant, most women will say OCPs. And consider it or not, younger women are even taking oral contraceptives with out even consulting a gynaecologist. But have you ever questioned what OCPs does to your physique? While OCPS are used as drugs to deal with hormonal issues, it will possibly additionally lead to quite a few modifications within the physique. Our skilled Dr Nandita Palshetkar, Medical Director, Bloom IVF sheds mild on what occurs if a 20/30-year-old begins taking OCPs for the primary time. Read about can I’ve unprotected intercourse proper after taking an oral contraceptive capsule?

What to expect when you start OCPs?

The first three months could be troublesome. It takes time in your physique to modify. Most women expertise at the very least a number of minor signs. There could also be some sudden recognizing when you are usually not in your interval. Alternatively, some women might cease menstruating. Many women may additionally expertise nausea, breast soreness, weight achieve or loss, delicate complications, dizziness, or breakthrough bleeding (recognizing) and emotional turbulence throughout their first few days on the drugs. Such signs often cease inside the first three months of taking tablets.

What modifications occur within the physique after taking OCPs?

Hormonal contraceptives include estrogens and progesterone hormones. These hormones inhibit the physique’s pure cyclical hormones to forestall being pregnant. The hormonal contraceptive often stops the physique from ovulating (the ovaries don’t produce an egg). These tablets additionally change the cervical mucus thus making it troublesome for the sperm to undergo the cervix (neck of the womb) and discover an egg. Hormonal contraceptives additionally change the liner of the womb, and subsequently the fertilized egg doesn’t get implanted. Also examine when ought to I start taking oral contraceptive tablets?

While the hormonal and bodily modifications are happening within the physique with tablets consumption, these drugs also can have some unwanted effects. Most of the unwanted effects are usually not critical. Common uncomfortable side effects of OCPs embrace nausea, weight achieve, and sore breasts, recognizing between durations, temper modifications, pores and skin modifications, change in intercourse drive, tiredness, and so forth.

But there are few indicators which are a trigger for concern and must be instantly consulted with a physician. The signs comparable to extreme tiredness, change in intercourse drive, pores and skin modifications, temper modifications, stomach ache, chest ache, extreme headache, blurred imaginative and prescient and swelling or aching in thighs or legs are a few of the indicators that point out you want to go to your gynaecologist. Also, some sufferers might expertise a rise in BP and therefore, you ought to see a physician in case your BP turns into too excessive. Here’s every thing you want to find out about contraception tablets — effectiveness, side-effects and health dangers.

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