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Why Women Should Not Wear Underwear to Bed

What kinds of underwear to purchase and when to put on them defined by a gynecologist.

Finally, we’re bringing you very public solutions to a few of your most personal questions. When sexual and vaginal health considerations come up, OB/GYN and nationally recognized women’s health skilled Dr. Jessica Shepherd needs to guarantee you will have the solutions you want to really feel comfy. As the founding father of Her Viewpoint, a web-based women’s health discussion board, she makes use of this outlet to concentrate on addressing taboo subjects in a cushty setting. Prepare to take notes!

Q: ‘Should I put on underwear to mattress?

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A: This is a query that’s requested so much. Women typically ask as a result of they only do not know what they’re supposed to do. I feel at night time is a superb time to truly let the vagina breathe and permit it not have to be coated by some sort of undergarment.

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With that, I advocate for women not to put on underwear at night time. Obviously until they’re having some problem like both sweating, vaginal infections or your month-to-month cycle. If they’re utilizing any medicine which will improve a vaginal discharge, do because the physician advises. Other than that, I feel women ought to be very empowered at night time and use that point to let the vagina breathe and have a relaxation. 

If you’re sporting underwear at night time, they need to be cotton as a result of it is breathable and might be good on your vaginal health, as all the time. 

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